5 thoughts on “Matiko Mamaladze, romance artist”

  1. What a beautiful, original site. So much life, love, and romance leaping from the screen.
    Matiko — you are Unique-Oh!

    1. Dear Brit, I’m very excited about my new website. My dearest nephew Irakli Mamaladze designed it for me. This is now my happy place to go. I’ll be posting new paintings, stories about the paintings and more…..
      Please feel free to revisit it often and share it with your friends.
      And the most important detail
      THANK YOU VERY MUCH for appreciating my art. Means a lot❤️

  2. Matiko , I love your new site! You have so many great creative ideas in your head!
    Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful paintings ! also would you consider a tutorial on one of your yummy desserts ?

    1. Dear Carmen, I appreciate your comments. I’ll be posting more paintings and videos every week. Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. About the desserts, I’m thinking of making short video clips and post them. Please share this website with your friends.
      Thank you very much, Love

      1. You are a woman of many talents!!!! I can’t wait to see
        A palette knife tutorial ! You are wizard with that tool.

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